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What's New at Lutheran Forum

Introducing the Luther Reading Challenge

by Sarah Wilson — March 16, 2015

It can’t have escaped your notice that the Reformation is approaching its 500th anniversary in just a couple of years. The buzz among Lutherans in the U.S. and around the world is gaining momentum, and even outside the fold of the faithful there is growing interest, of mixed quality—it’s pretty exciting that the Martin Luther figurine became Playmobil’s bestselling toy of all time within three days of its release this winter, but somewhat less than encouraging that the Luther Insult Generator is one of the most popular internet memes...

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Learning Luther: March

by Paul R. Hinlicky — March 09, 2015

God is incomparable, that means that there is none like God; it further means that God eternally is and remains beyond the comprehension of the creature. “Comprehension” in this context means to see and grasp from every possible angle so as to be able to control, manipulate, and predict the phenomenon. To say that God is incomprehensible, or “inscrutable,” as Paul puts in Romans 11:33, is to say something that applies in principle only to the one, true God. The flip side of that acknowledgment, then, is that everything else in the world is in principle comprehensible...

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Review of "The Spirit of Adoption"

by Sarah Wilson — February 15, 2015

When my husband and I were preparing to adopt our son about ten years ago, we responded as graduate students do—we read a lot of books. Why talk to real live human beings when you can get it all boiled down, analyzed, and abundantly footnoted in a bound set of pages? Well, we did talk to real people too, but a not insignificant chunk of time was spent perusing the literature out there, from psychological perspectives on the phenomenon of being an adoptee to the process of becoming an interracial family to theological explorations of the motif of adoption...

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Review of “Sabbath as Resistance” by Walter Brueggemann

by Dennis Di Mauro — February 02, 2015

As a parish pastor, I find it more and more common for parents to inform me that their children will be unable to attend this Sunday’s worship service, confirmation class, or youth activity because of conflicts with soccer, lacrosse, football or some other extracurricular activity. These apologies put me in a difficult position. How should the shepherd respond? On one hand, the pastor wants to uphold the third commandment and its directive on keeping the Sabbath holy. But on the other hand, the pastor wants to be sympathetic to those faithful families who must live in a society which has abandoned the Sunday obligation altogether. In frustration, he asks in his Sunday sermon whether “setting aside one hour a week is too much for God to ask?”...

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Learning Luther: February

by Paul R. Hinlicky — January 26, 2015

This month we look at Luther’s Meditation on Christ’s Passion (1519, LW 42), in which Luther explains how fruitfully to meditate during Holy Week—not by scapegoating Jews, or by trying to bribe God, or by sentimentality—but by realizing the cost of grace in the Son’s incarnate suffering for me, the sinner, that I might be freed from the guilt of sin and begin to vanquish sin by following my saving Lord through the cross to the crown...

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